Tank Services

Tank Cleaning

We can handle all hazardous and non-hazardous last cargo carried in IMOT-11, 14 & T-20 tank containers at our cleaning facility. We have the capability for high pressure hot and cold cleaning, with spinner heads and boiler producing 10 kg/cm2 steam and operating pressure of 3.5 kg/cm2, and hot water at 80 °C for cleaning tank containers through self-operated and electrically operated spinner heads with 360° coverage and 120 bar water jet pressure.
The produced steam is used either for direct heating or through tank coils for proper and easy cleaning of tanks. Steam is also used for heating water up to 80 °C for cleaning purposes.

We also carry out cleaning of T-50 tank containers at our facility.

Our waste water treatment plant is connected with CETP (Common effluent treatment plant) situated at MIDC Taloja for the purpose of secondary treatment of the effluent which is discharged from our site after primary treatment.

We follow Halal and Kosher practices in our cleaning operations.

Tank Testing

We have a fully-equipped facility to undertake periodical testing i.e. 2.5 years' & 5 years' test for all IMOT-11, 14 & 20, as well as T-50 and T-75 tank containers, witnessed by Class Surveyor.

Tank Repairs

We are well-equipped for undertaking medium and major repairs of ISO frames as per ITCO standards. We currently have a capacity to carry out minor and medium repairs of 25 tanks per day.

SS Barrel Repair

We have B.V. qualified welders for undertaking repairs of SS barrels as per ITCO / ASME standards. We have well-equipped extensive storage facility, with separate stacking on operator-wise basis, for tank containers.

ISO / IMO Tank Container Refurbishment

Oceanglobe is the first Indian company to undertake full refurbishment of tank containers. For the first time in India, full refurbishment of tank containers is now carried on by us. We display below the before and after photos of one such full refurbishment carried out by us, at our Taloja - New Mumbai depot, on a burnt tank given to us by one of the leading Indian tank container operators.

Please click on the photos for a larger view.

Before View:

After View:


We are happy to announce that we are working out the development of facilities for undertaking of T-50 gas tanks at our Saykha - Gujarat depot, for a leading Indian gas tank operator.